Welcome to the Squamish Seniors’ Activity Centre Society website!

Click on this LINK

Men-on-the-Move Tee Shirts. LINK
These high quality Ultra Cotton Gildan Tee’s are a considerable success with the programme participants.
Kriszti also is wearing one…
If you would like to order yours, please let me know – $25 plus tax.

Volunteer Opportunity.
The Squamish Street Market will be providing a variety of food options and craft beverages to choose from for every volunteer.  LINK

Dementia Friends Workshop.
If you missed this recent workshop put on by the Alzheimer Society you may be interested in the presentation material – LINK

Protect your Facebook.
You will have heard in the news about the potential collection of your private information by snooping apps running on Facebook. You can disable these apps as explained in the attached CBC NEWS article. I followed the instructions – they work and are not difficult. Put your grand-kids to work…   LINK 

When to Take CPP?
Read this item by the Globe’s Rob Carrick.

While you are considering this have a look at this life expectancy calculator.
Just don’t take the results too seriously…. LINK

Bill Berg is sharing his photos:
2018 Valentines Tea
Seniors Centre photos

Better at Home programme.
You may want to know about the assistance offered by our Provincial Government in their “Better at Home” programme. It is meant to keep Seniors in their homes longer by providing low cost assistance with housekeeping chores including light yard work, grocery shopping etc.
The cost for these services is income dependent.
The details are in the brochure; via this link.

Democracy in Action. Ask the Mayor a question in person.
In a recent news release the District announced informal meet the Mayor sessions at 11 am of every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month in her office (election time must be coming up soon…). This would be a great time to come out and present any concerns you might have to the mayor. Or you might just want to come in support of other Seniors voicing their concerns.

Clock Tower Café
Now open – Link.

Bus update:
The 15 passenger Ford VAN/BUS is now available to us. If you have any suggestions for an outing please contact the front desk.

The MENS’ SHED was established in Squamish. Located on the Cedars land at Pemberton and Eaglewind Blvd. They are looking for volunteers – contact Rick if you are interested – rick.mckinney@sscs.ca

You can see a slide show of random Senior Centre photos taken approximately 2012 through 2015 by clicking on this link. The same slide show  is also played at times on the big TV in the social area.

For our upcoming events please go to the “Special Events” page.

Have you checked the new programmes offered.
For details go to the Activities page

The current Board of Directors who are also the Advisory Board to the Seniors Centre staff, were elected at the Seniors Centre Society AGM  in June. Were you at that meeting to have your say?
Mike Sherlock Vice President mikeinsquamish@gmail.com
Sharon Tait Secretary stait53@telus.net
Bob Redford rredford@telus.net
Arlene Ingraham ajingraham@shaw.ca
Tony Biggin-Pound tb-p@telus.net
Rick Boulier joyrick@shaw.ca
Lynnda Kirkwood myty@telus.net
Carol Laktin cjlaktin@shaw.ca
Bill Berg bill.berg@shaw.ca – joined mid term

click to enlarge

The DOS Council:

Mayor Patricia Heintzman
Councillor Doug Race
Councillor Jason Blackman-Wulff
Councillor Ted Prior
Councillor Karen Elliott
Councillor Peter Kent
Councillor Susan Chapelle

The purpose of this website is to offer seniors a convenient way to find up-to-date information on what’s happening at the seniors centre and in the seniors’ community. This home page will be updated with reports to keep you in the know even when you can’t make it down to the centre.

Make sure to keep coming back for the monthly schedule of activities and events! Check out the calendar and schedules on the activities page.

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their special day this month.

Registration for programs can be done online or at either Brennan Park Rec Centre or the Seniors’ Centre.  The  Calendar of events is available at the Seniors’ Centre or check out the Activities page for a link.

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3 Responses to Welcome to the Squamish Seniors’ Activity Centre Society website!

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  2. Sandra Wood says:

    I am glad to see the new website . I have not noticed the boxes and surveys around town but will keep looking. Would it be possible to have a link to the survey for those who would rather do it online?

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