Special Events


TAI CHI IN THE PARK – Summer/Fall 2020 – at the O’Siyam Pavilion
Starting week of Sep 21, 2020
Sorry, fully subscribed. Stay tuned for future announcements.
Ad in Chief – Sept 17:
Classes for Squamish Seniors (55+) given by
our newly certified Kriszti Richterne

Starting week of Sep 21
All had fun at the Art-in-the-Park workshops.
Now for something different.

Presented by the Squamish Seniors Centre Society and made
possible with a grant by the Emergency Community Support Fund,
which is hereby gratefully acknowledged. There will be 2 sessions
of 6 one-hour classes, heavily subsidized.
Wednesdays 4 pm Fridays 1 pm
With moves in a flowing practice that are meditative and stress
reducing, Kriszti will teach an easy form of Tai Chi that will enhance
balance, coordination and concentration. Using these forms one
does not need a lot of body strength as the moves are soft and
Fee: $12.00 for six classes, cash or cheque upon registration.
Payment is required within 48hours of registration.
We will practice Covid-19 precautions – bring your own mask.
Information: http://www.vch.ca/covid-19.
Registration and further details:
Patricia: 604 815 0805 or
by email to admin@squamishseniorscentre.com Web site http://www.squamishseniorscentre.com

Two sessions of six 1-hour classes – you may register for one or both sessions:
Session 1: 6 weeks starting 4 pm Wednesday, September 23
Session 2: 6 weeks starting 1 pm Friday, September 25
Will be held rain or shine – we will be under cover.
Please bring your own mask and hand sanitizer.
Recently, Kriszti passed a Tai Chi certification exam with Dr. Keith Jeffery, Director on the Advisory Board of the American Tai Chi Association.
Read about Keith Jeffery here:

Kriszti will begin with a “4-minute fitness” routine to warm up your body, and awaken your soul and spirit with 5 easy exercises to tune into Tai Chi.
Then build on those slowly over the next weeks to 9 “easy to memorize” postures (the Infinite Nine) which are not as complicated as other traditional methods.
Below are some of the benefits of Tai Chi and 4-minute fitness:

Physical benefits
• Increased flexibility – particularly in the often-forgotten spine. Maintenance of flexibility in spinal joints is ‘oh so important’.
• Full range of motion in a lot of your joints – motion is lotion, as they say. Better yet – use it or lose it!
• Increased strength, particularly of the leg muscles
• Better balance, fewer falls
• Improved posture
• Improved immune functioning. (Why? Mental stillness and reduced stress help immune function, as does exercise.)
• Improved, deeper breathing – leading to increased oxygenation and vitality of all tissues, improved immune functioning, deeper relaxation
• Many people have reduced pain – particularly noticed in shoulders, back, legs and knees
• Increased vitality, energy, and life – and an increased awareness of the ever-present ‘chi’.
• Enhanced coordination, and improved fine motor skills.
• Decreased blood pressure
• Decreased breathing and heart rates

Mental benefits
• Reduced stress
• Increased relaxation
• Increased concentration and mental focus
• Improved memory
• Increased sense of happiness, contentedness and inner peace
• Greater ability to ‘be in the moment’, to pull out of the craziness of everyday living
• An often-profound sense of being here, now. (Wherever you go, there you are…) In other words, reducing the tendency to live in the past, or worry about the future.
• A higher level of happiness