Special Events


ART IN THE PARK – Summer 2020
Jul 23, 2020
Ad in paper – July 23 edition
Three art workshops for Squamish Seniors (55+) given by professional artists at the O’Siyam Pavilion, downtown. These workshops are presented by the Squamish Seniors Centre Society and made possible with grants by the Squamish Community Foundation and LNG Woodfibre, both gratefully acknowledged.
These 6 hour workshops are heavily subsidized.
Fee: $20.00 each workshop, cash or cheque upon registration.
We will practice Covid-19 precautions -wear your own mask. Information: http://www.vch.ca/covid-19.
Registration and further details: Patricia: 604 815 0805 or
by email to admin@squamishseniorscentre.com Web site http://www.squamishseniorscentre.com
General All art workshops start at 10 and end at 4:30. ½ hour for lunch – please bring your own. Please arrive at 9:30 at the O’Siyam band stand downtown Squamish to allow time for setting up etc. Please bring your own chair. Washrooms are located in the park. Do not come if you are unwell. Assumption of risk form – link – will be required at beginning of class.


Wednesday, Aug 5

Lone Tratt
Creative Drawing
Learning as we draw.
Artist Lone Tratt teaches through the art of’ seeing’ and she places great importance
on individual attention.
In this workshop you will be taught perspective and composition.
Subjects: Still life and flowers
Materials: Charcoal, pencils, watercolour pencils
All levels are welcome.
Supplies list:
1. Pencils, preferably HB – 2B – 4B
2. Charcoal, not essential
3. Your choice of pencil crayons and or water colour pencils.
4. Chair
Paper will be provided, if you want to bring some of your own that works too. Our tables can accommodate papers to 14×18 inches

Wednesday, Aug 12

Jeanne Krabbendam
Abstract Painting – Elements of Composition This one-day workshop touches on the way artwork gets put together. The choices the artist has in placing shapes, lines and colour in their work. We will view artworks by others and speak about the difference in horizontal, oblique and vertical compositions, explain the ‘Golden Edge’ and look at how we can lead and keep the viewer’s eye into our artwork. Participants will come away with a piece of art of their own compositional choices. A great workshop for anybody who makes art. Disposable palettes, disinfected brushes and knives, paint, medium and canvas will be provided by the instructor.
Supplies List
1. Container for cleaning brushes filled with water (mason jar works well)
2. Smock or artists apron
3. Rags or paper towel for cleanup
4. Chair
Canvas 14 x 18 will be provided by Society

Wednesday, Aug 19

Toby Jaxon
Scenic Acrylic Painting This acrylic painting class is designed for beginner to intermediate students and will provide an introduction on painting local scenes with an expanded use of acrylic paint & art medium, techniques and methods.
Instructor Toby Jaxon will lead artists on an exploration of two iconic vistas, experimenting with colour & application processes, and focus on broadened creativity while brushing up on the fundamentals of painting (composition, brushwork, colour mixing, value).
Supplies List
1. Acrylic Paint: red, yellow, blue, purple, brown, white & black (this is a suggested minimum of colours)
2. Variety of Brushes: large flat or filbert, medium & small round
3. Acrylic medium – DETAILS to follow
4. Paint palette (something to mix your paint on that won’t fly away)
5. Container for cleaning brushes filled with water (mason jar works well)
6. Smock or artists apron
7. Rags or paper towel for cleanup
8. Chair
Canvasses 14 x 18 and 11 x 14 will be provided by Society.