Special Events


Have you looked at the recent Chief p.6?

It contains our ad for 3, heavily subsidized art workshops. These classes are limited to 10 participants – be sure to sign up soon.
All had fun at Art in the Park. Here is more, but indoors this time!

Presented by the Squamish Seniors Centre Society and made possible with a grant by the United Way, which is hereby gratefully acknowledged.

Fee: $20.00 each workshop, cash or cheque upon registration – deliver within 24 hours please.
Make cheques payable to: Squamish Seniors Centre Society.

We will practice Covid-19 precautions -wear your own mask.
Information: http://www.vch.ca/covid-19.

Registration contact: Patricia, email patricia@vesely.ca, 604 815 0805

Web site www.squamishseniorscentre.com


All classes are Saturdays, from noon to 6 pm.
You will want to bring your own snacks and drinks – there are no facilities nearby.

For all classes bring painters/latex GLOVES for handling shared materials etc.

Bring plastic bags for your trash at your table.

The auditorium may be coolish – bring an extra sweater.

Ciarra Douglas Feb 6

Needle Felting

Come join artist Ciarra Saylor in a fun afternoon of beginner needle felting. It’s simple in concept but looks complex in execution, and the results can be elaborate sculptures made completely out of wool. It is a very meditative and rewarding art form. Ciarra will teach you the foundational techniques that will inform all your future felting pieces. 

In this class we will create 1-2 small felted items such: as a bird in a nest, a bunny rabbit, felted flower etc. options will be available. I look forward to felting with you. (If you have arthritis, this sadly is not the class for you).

All supplies are provided.

Lone Tratt Saturday Feb 13

Landscape and abstract painting

You will be working on two canvases, one landscape plus one abstract

Working on two pieces will enable us to let the paint dry in between working on them – often a great advantage.Suitable for all levels.


Canvasses are supplied.
Please bring acrylic paints, brushes, sketch paper, pencils, scissors, smock, clean up cloths. 

Break 2:30 – 3:00.   At 5:30 a group discussion on our pieces, then clean up.

Toby Jaxon Feb 20

Mixed Media Canvas Art

Feeling Creatively Stuck?  Well, that’s great because we’ll be getting out the glue, clippings and paint to assemble some mixed media art.

Instructor Toby Jaxon will be teaching you lots of tricks and techniques for texture, colour, mark making and layers developing a pleasing composition.

Create two finished pieces in abstract and/or representational.

This will be an interesting and fun for all levels of artists.


Canvasses are supplied.

Please bring acrylic paint, medium, brushes, palette, water container, cloths, SPONGES, smock, etc. Also bring scissors and a variety of magazine pages, newsprint, coloured paper and white glue. 

Also bring an assortment of pencils, pastels, charcoal, metallic pens – any mark making supplies that you might have. And other bits: craft scissors with shaped cutting edges, stencils, fabric, lace, leaves, sand or pretty much anything that can be glued onto the surface.
Hand held blow dryer. 

Limited to 12 participants. Intended for Squamish Seniors (55+).
Kriszti is instructing – we made it possible for her to obtaine a Tai Chi instructor’s certification.

Presented by the Squamish Seniors Centre Society and made
possible with a grant by the Emergency Community Support Fund, which is hereby gratefully acknowledged.

PROGRAMME: With moves in a flowing practice that are meditative and stress reducing, Kriszti will teach an easy form of Tai Chi that will enhance balance, coordination and concentration. Using these forms one does not need a lot of body strength as the moves are soft and flowing.

PAYMENT: This is heavily subsidized – Fee $27.00 for 9 classes. Cash or cheque within 24 hours of registration. Cheques made payable to: SQUAMISH SENIORS CENTRE SOCIETY

REGISTRATION: Patricia Patricia: email patricia@vesely.ca, 604 815 0805

We will practice Covid-19 precautions – bring your own mask. Information: http://www.vch.ca/covid-19.

Registration and further details: Patricia 604 815 0805See the “assumption of risk” form that you will be asked to sign at the start of the session – LINK

Kriszti will begin with a “4-minute fitness” routine to warm up your body, and awaken your soul and spirit with 5 easy exercises to tune into Tai Chi.
Then build on those slowly over the next weeks to 9 “easy to memorize” postures (the Infinite Nine) which are not as complicated as other traditional methods.
Below are some of the benefits of Tai Chi and 4-minute fitness:

Physical benefits
• Increased flexibility – particularly in the often-forgotten spine. Maintenance of flexibility in spinal joints is ‘oh so important’.
• Full range of motion in a lot of your joints – motion is lotion, as they say. Better yet – use it or lose it!
• Increased strength, particularly of the leg muscles
• Better balance, fewer falls
• Improved posture
• Improved immune functioning. (Why? Mental stillness and reduced stress help immune function, as does exercise.)
• Improved, deeper breathing – leading to increased oxygenation and vitality of all tissues, improved immune functioning, deeper relaxation
• Many people have reduced pain – particularly noticed in shoulders, back, legs and knees
• Increased vitality, energy, and life – and an increased awareness of the ever-present ‘chi’.
• Enhanced coordination, and improved fine motor skills.
• Decreased blood pressure
• Decreased breathing and heart rates

Mental benefits
• Reduced stress
• Increased relaxation
• Increased concentration and mental focus
• Improved memory
• Increased sense of happiness, contentedness and inner peace
• Greater ability to ‘be in the moment’, to pull out of the craziness of everyday living
• An often-profound sense of being here, now. (Wherever you go, there you are…) In other words, reducing the tendency to live in the past, or worry about the future.
• A higher level of happiness