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Bus Outing – sold out, sorry.
A trip to the movies, a Vancouver International Film Festival showing, on Saturday January 13. Leaving at 12:30 pm from the Centre (not 1 pm as mentioned before) and returning 6:00 pm. An intriguing film; many of you would remember this actress

This is given at a very nice Vancouver theatre where, I am told, you can have a drink in a civilized atmosphere.

Please indicate your interest by replying to this email as soon as possible so that Mare can finalize the arrangements.

Total cost estimated at $18.50 including transport, ticket cost and membership fees – sorry VIFF tickets are expensive and we don’t get a break.

Mike Sherlock very kindly agreed to drive us once again.
LINK to this information:

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story
Panorama | Vancity Theatre Screening

“Any girl can look glamorous; all she has to do is stand still and look stupid.” So declares Hollywood icon Hedy Lamarr, whose legendary beauty and affinity for scandal—denounced by the Pope at 18, six ex-husbands, drug addiction, financial ruin—blinded the world to the brilliant mind behind the invention of a secret WWII communications system that became the basis for modern WiFi and Bluetooth technologies.

Alexandra Dean’s debut feature is a revelatory and fabulously entertaining portrait of a remarkable woman who led multiple remarkable lives: the ravishing ingénue who scandalized Europe by simulating an orgasm on screen; the unhappy bride who fled from her fascist first husband with nothing but the jewels she had sewn into her coat; the thick-accented émigré who outmaneuvered Louis B. Mayer to land a lucrative Hollywood contract, and later defied the studio system to produce her own films; the brilliant inventor who advised Howard Hughes on airplane designs and patented a secret WWII torpedo navigation system; the American patriot who sold millions of dollars’ worth of war bonds; the destitute recluse arrested for shoplifting in a Florida drug store…

“The underexposed, amazing story of a Hollywood glamour queen who could have been a scientist.” John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter

Director Alexandra Dean
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 2017
Running Time: 90 mins
Format: DCP
Classification: 19+
Related Links: Website & Trailer

New District Seniors Centre Newsletter

Democracy in Action. Ask the Mayor a question in person.
In a recent news release the District announced informal meet the Mayor sessions at 11 am of every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month in her office (election time must be coming up soon…). Wednesday, Sep 20 at 11 am would be a great time to come out and present any concerns you might have to the mayor. Or you might just want to come in support of other Seniors voicing their concerns.

Clock Tower Café
Now open – Link.

Bus update:
The 15 passenger Ford VAN/BUS is now available to us. If you have any suggestions for an outing please contact the front desk.
We need more volunteer drivers with a Class IV drivers license to make our outings more affordable. So far we only have two. Please contact Mike Sherlock for details  604 815-4514

The MENS’ SHED was established in Squamish. Located on the Cedars land at Pemberton and Eaglewind Blvd. They are looking for volunteers – contact Rick if you are interested – rick.mckinney@sscs.ca

You can see a slide show of random Senior Centre photos taken approximately 2012 through 2015 by clicking on this link. The same slide show  is also played at times on the big TV in the social area.

For our upcoming events please go to the “Special Events” page.

Have you checked the new programmes offered.
For details go to the Activities page

February 2016 Society Survey Results are available here

Box photo a

The current Board of Directors who are also the Advisory Board to the Seniors Centre staff, were elected at the Seniors Centre Society AGM  in June. Were you at that meeting to have your say?
Mike Sherlock Vice President 604 815-4514 mikeinsquamish@gmail.com
Sharon Tait Secretary 604 898 4470 stait53@telus.net
Bob Redford 604 898 1175 rredford@telus.net
Arlene Ingraham 604 898 1251 ajingraham@shaw.ca
Tony Biggin-Pound 604 898 9279 tb-p@telus.net
Harold Wilson 604 898 4540 hew38@telus.net
Donald Byrne 604 898 4432 djbyrne@shaw.ca
Rick Boulier 604 892 5325 joyrick@shaw.ca
Lynnda Kirkwood 604 898 4435 myty@telus.net
Carol Laktin 604 892 3676 cjlaktin@shaw.ca


The DOS Council:

Mayor Patricia Heintzman
Councillor Doug Race
Councillor Jason Blackman-Wulff
Councillor Ted Prior
Councillor Karen Elliott
Councillor Peter Kent
Councillor Susan Chapelle

The purpose of this website is to offer seniors a convenient way to find up-to-date information on what’s happening at the seniors centre and in the seniors’ community. This home page will be updated with reports to keep you in the know even when you can’t make it down to the centre.

Make sure to keep coming back for the monthly schedule of activities and events! Check out the calendar and schedules on the activities page.

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their special day this month.

Registration for programs can be done online or at either Brennan Park Rec Centre or the Seniors’ Centre.  The  Calendar of events is available at the Seniors’ Centre or check out the Activities page for a link.

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